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IFP on-line application form

Required information *

Step 1: Please fill out this online form and send it to the IFP Program by clicking the submit button or by printing and filling in the PDF form.

Step 2: Print and complete the document Nomination Form and Recommendation Letters and return the completed forms together with two recent photographs to the IFP Admissions Committee (IESE, International Faculty Program, Av. Pearson 21, 08034 Barcelona, Spain). You can also send both forms by fax (+34 93 253 4343).

Step 3: If you would like to apply for the IESE scholarship, print and complete the document IFP Scholarship and send it to the same address or by fax.

Step 4: Please fill in this form after receiving our admission letter.

1. Personal Data

Mr. Ms.
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Present Full-time Employment

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2. Education

1. Please list graduate institutions from which you have received an academic degree (start with the most recent first):
* University / Institution   * Dates (from/to)   * Degree
2. Describe any scholarships held:
Source / Sponsor   Date   Where held
3. Please indicate your knowledge of English:
*  Excellent Fluent Working knowledge
*  Proof of English knowledge:
  Mother tongue
  An academic degree or diplomas obtained in English
  TOEFL or other official certificate
3. Work Experience

1. List relevant employment starting with the most recent first:
* Institution / Company   * Dates (from/to)   * Title
* 2. Describe your present position and main responsibilities:
3. Please indicate below the courses or programs for which you have recently been responsible (last 3-5 years). Mark the level using U for Undergraduate, P for Post-graduate, and E for Executive:
* Name of the Program
* Name of the Course   * Level
* Teaching Language   * Dates (from / to)   * Number in audience
 Name of the Program
Name of the Course   Level
Teaching Language   Dates (from / to)   Number in audience
 Name of the Program
Name of the Course   Level
Teaching Language   Dates (from / to)   Number in audience
* 4. To what type of audience are these courses addressed?
MBA students
Executive Education
Other graduates  
* 5. Were they designed by you or did you have input into them? Do you believe that the design of these courses meets the needs of the students?
* 6. Do the courses deal with the concepts or issues that are most pertinent for the students/managers of your country? How would you think they could be improved?
* 7. How do you feel personally about teaching? Do you think you are a good teacher? Why or why not?
* 8. Please indicate the main research interests or consultancy project you have recently completed.
* 9. Have you participated in teaching seminars or other such further education programs outside your home institution?
* 10. What is your prior experience with the Case Study Method, as a participant, teacher...?
* 11. If you teach using cases, how many sessions/year and how many cases do you use?
* 12. If not written by you, what was the source of these cases?
* 13. Indicate the reasons why you want to attend the IFP and how you think this effort will ultimately contribute to the proper reorientation of management training in your home country:
4. Other Qualifications and Personal Features

1. Apart from the academic activities already mentioned, describe other activities in which you have participated. List the associations, groups, centers, etc., to which you have belonged or currently belong, indicating those in which you have played an active role:
2. Give a candid evaluation of yourself. Indicate which character traits you consider to be your strengths as well as those you would like to improve:
* 3. How did you learn about the IFP?
Alumni Through my university Internet Media Any other source
Please specify exact name of source:  
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In compliance with the Personal Data Protection Law, we INFORM you and you accept that the information obtained and derived from our relationship will remain confidential, will be added to our files and will be used to formalize, manage, implement and develop IESE activities; student services (insurance, financial aid, etc.); career counseling and job placement; profiling and segmentation; image and/or sound recording for teaching purposes in IESE classrooms and facilities; and all kinds of proprietary publications and maintenance of photo and data archives. We also inform you and you agree to receive information regarding activities, news, events, programs and special offers of products and services related to activities carried out by IESE or our associated academic entities, including by electronic means. The sharing of information pertaining to others parties will require their prior consent and notification.

The fulfillment of the purposes described here implies the transfer of your data to entities directly related to services provided; students and participants in any IESE educational program for the purpose of strengthening personal and professional links within the IESE community; and companies that provide services to students and other IESE schools, including abroad, for which reason, you explicitly consent to the international transfer of your data to other countries where IESE may have business schools. In order to keep your information accurate and up-to-date, please inform us of any changes. Unless you advise us otherwise, your data will remain in our files and in our historical archives for the stated purposes, even after the cancellation time limits established by law.

You may object to receiving our commercial mailings, or revoke your consent within 30 days of acceptance, and exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, by writing to IESE Business School, University of Navarra -InfoDat-, Av. Pearson 21, 08034 Barcelona, Spain, or via email at
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